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About IFM

Welcome to IFM

Here you are. It's my pleasure to welcome you to the Department of Information and Finance Management's home on the web.


The fast-progressing information technology has resulted in great revolution of the business mode in modern enterprises. Therefore, informatization has certainly become the trend in the operating development of enterprises. For example, the improvement of Internet and the database technique conquer the impediments to business scale and locations, which creates new opportunities for customer service and also make the service more timely and various. Thanks to the technique of data system and the completely-developed consulting skill, data system in enterprises such as monetary information system, financial information system, supply chain management, enterprise resources planning, and customer relationship management can entirely meet the enterprises’ need, becoming the best tool for making profit for enterprises. In other words, in this highly-informatization society, data techniques will be what enterprises compete for in the future.

Development & Prospects

  • Cultivate students’ abilities of independent information system designing, developing and applications.
  • Construct specific teacher improving strategies to promote the performance of teaching and researching.
  • Integrate information and logistics managements to prompt the employment of students.
  • Set the international academic exchange and cooperation into action.
  • Strengthen the Industry-University cooperation to increase the opportunities of students’ internships and employments.


Taipei Tech locates at the prime region in Taipei City, surrounded by headquarters of business and authorities. Nearby are financial holding cooperation, banks, insurance cooperation, securities investment trust, software companies. Besides, close to the industrial zone like Neihu, Nangang, Wugu, Xizhi, Tucheng, Wudu, Xinzhuang, it is convenient to contact with many important information and finance cooperation. Such significant geographic position is advantageous for investigation, development, and application on information and finance management.